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What You'll Study

  • Integrate the Skill of logo creation
  • Logo design as an essential part of branding

  • Understand the process of visual communication

  • Create logos that enforce brand message
  • Understand the meaning of shape in Logos
  • Understand the meaning of color in Logos


Need to basic knowlage of logo maker ..

about the course

Do you want to learn the basics of logo design? See the lectures below and you will know everything you need to get started.


Click on the first one to start, or skip to the part that interests you the most.

Seriously, it’s that easy.

The Xcel University class in Logo Design today will review what makes a good logo and show you how to make a logo good and clean. Let’s take a look at these guys.

They could literally be placed anywhere and they could be as small as a button and as big as you know a billboard.

And there are also different colors as you can see, but they could simply be translated in black or even as a grayscale. The simpler your logo is, the better it will be.

And it can have many colors, but remember that the more colors you have in your logo, the more it will cost when you print it. You will also want to think about where this logo will be.


And, really, he wants to be everywhere he wants to be able to embroider in the pocket of a shirt or stretch and stand against a car.

See if you have a good design for your business, you will have a better reason to back it up and you will be excited when you go out and build your business.

Now today I’m going to show you how to make a very simple design using a program called Corel Draw x6.
It is a great program especially for beginners.

I’ve used it throughout my design career. And the reason I like it is because I do not have to use both the pen tool and many designers are afraid to use a pen tool because the way it curves.

But Corel Draw lets you create the designs you want and the curves you want by simply folding a line.

For example, I can simply click on the line tool, the freehand tool draw a tool by clicking online, right click.
So welcome to the best logo design video classes

Good luck!


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