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What You'll Study

At the end of this process, you should know the use of “Be your Social” to manage all social networking accounts on

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Students must have a Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Pinterest account.

PC, MAC, smart phone or tablet required

about the course

This tutorial is a tutorial on how to use the Be Your Social online application to help you effectively manage social

networks. No tools are required to complete the course, but it is better to use the tool to continue using it. No credit

card is required to use the trial version and there is no obligation to use it.

There is something you can do to become a society: Scheduler:

Allows you to quickly schedule publications for future dates and times. Be Your Social allows you to schedule updates


or reprogram messages on future dates / times on multiple platforms. The “favorite” post, the success story is the

easiest to share. Use powerful filters to delete, edit or reorganize your publications and find future or future


Easy to use: post on all social media platforms at the same time

When you add content, you can easily choose which social accounts to publish. Post the same message on Facebook,

Twitter and Pinterest, or add your own personalized content.

Visual Composer – Publish / reserve beautiful images and templates

Be social, it’s easy to create and reserve incredible images. Add quick links like websites and your favorite #Hashtags

(visual content is better related to effective social media marketing)

Stream – Social Media Monitoring

Here you can add social network accounts on all platforms to monitor your opinions and like to interact with your


Statistics – See performance after publication

View the statistics of all social media platforms and sort or filter by account and a specific time period. See what


content works best, the best dates, hashtags and more.

Search for content: find excellent content to share

Search video content on YouTube and share or search on Google News, Facebook, RSS feeds and trends, and share

that content on social networks.

Online assistance: help when you need it

Present a support help ticket when you need help or have questions.

Save time managing social networks with this easy-to-use tool.

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Instructor Name: Dennis J. Smith

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Manoj Prajapati


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